James Crossley —
Amsterdam based creative.
Semi-professional nascar driver.

For a full portfolio/CV, freelance, collaboration or just to say hi: hello@jamespac.co.uk
Make Friends: @james_pac_
Brownnose: linkedin

Pac Project
A cycling research trip.

The Emotion Tissue
A big wet tissue for the people of Glasgow to blow their feelings on.

The Forge Makerspace
An identity system and community mural.

We need to talk
A few words that can weigh heavy.

Run Verboten
Brand Campaign for Under Armour

Spit is Still Spit
Initiating a collaborative creative studio.

Authentic Sex Serum
A future product for better sex.

Brexit Beer
Bottle design for a charity auction.

The Adventure Cloak
A product invention for the rambling cyclist.

A biannual arts publication.

Binary  —
Personal visual practice, mostly exploring the portrayal of political conflict.

Edinburgh Graduate Catalogue
Direction and Design for the 2017 Degree Show catalogue.

Studio Agata Karolina
Identity system for a design experience studio.

Exotic Animal Showdown
Advertising the unadvertisable.

A personal visual curation.