James Crossley is an Art Director currently working in Amsterdam in a creative team with Jess Gunn.

He has had 8 teeth pulled out, can do an one-legged squat, raced semi-professionally in the Nascar 2014 Cup Series and has never had a pet OR a kebab.

Freelance Art Direction — August 2017 - Current
        Eurobest Integrated Competition Honourable Mention
        2x Young Dogs competition winner
180Amsterdam — February - August 2017
Hoick Studios — October - November 2016
Edinburgh College of Art (1st class honours) 2013 - 2016

For professional gratification click through — linkedin.

To see pictures of whatever hokum he’s currently pedaling — @james_pac_

And for a full portfolio/CV, freelance, collaboration or just to say hi —hello@jamespac.co.uk