James Crossley is an Amsterdam based human currently strategising the future of active mobility with BYCS, alongside other creative projects and voluntary work.

End Of The Anthropocene

An event series to mark the self-imposed fall of the age of man. Tickets available now. Dates subject to change.

Pac Journal

Cycling from Holland to Hungary and publishing a journal of  research collected along the way.

Thighs of Steel

We weren’t able to cycle across Europe, so we cycled twice around the world instead. For good reason.

Little Gig

A 24 hour celebration of life needed an unexpected identity and wayfinding system.

The Forge Makerspace

Designing an identity system and collaborating on a mural for a community workshop.

Brexit Beer

Bottle label designs for a charity auction against fascism.

Run Verboten

Under Armour overran Berlin and I helped Art Direct it.

Edinburgh Graduate Catalogue

Direction and design for Edinburgh College of Art’s graduate catalogue.

Exotic Animal Showdown

Advertising the unadvertisable (and pissing people off for a good cause).

The Cloak of Trust

A big wet emotional tissue for the people of Glasgow to blow their feelings on.

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