Direction and design for the 2017 Edinburgh College of Art Graduate Catalogue.

Concept — Fill The Void.
“Watching other people’s wake is just not as fun as basking in the glory of your own. Fill your life with youth and miasmic sensations.”

The idea was based on the pressure of post-art school life. Very few people have a clue what they’ll do, and are surrounded by the imagery of success.

I took imagery from luxury vehicles and created collage elements with their various trails (jetski wake, car tyre smoke, and jet streams). In their abstracted and colourised form these formed the identity and key to the catalogue.

The interior layout was kept simple with a single typeface (Karla) in several weights, along with the use of underlines to give a sense of finality and importance.

This book was printed and bound in a run of 1500 and sold at the Graduate Show.

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