End Of The Anthropocene is an event series to celebrate the coming of the end of the age of man.

Since the industrial revolution and the advent of fossil-fuels humans have pillaged the Earth's resources and left the waste to permeate the atmosphere. Now we're reaping the rewards of two centuries of fun.

The early 21st century marks the turning point of environmental awareness, and the tipping point of no return. Without drastic action, serious climate disasters will continue to increase in frequency and severity until the point that the planet and our existence upon it is unrecognisable.

This series of parties recognises key events on the way to mitigation, or total destruction. Defined by scientific predictions taken from current studies, the dates will continually shift as we either accelerate climate change, or manage to combat its effects.

These parties are listed on eventbrite, with General Emission tickets availble for free for all.

Donation to the Climate Emergency Fund for the price of a club entry is voluntary .

The series is launched as an independent endeavour, but partnership and collaboration is being continually sought, both to increase the platform of the project, and to legitemise the scientific  basis of the predictions.

Join us in revelling at the End Of The Anthropocene.

website: endota.fun
instagram: @endota.fun

email: join@endota.fun

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